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Kona Hawaii fishing report - May wrap-up .

We're experiencing a good ono run right now so ono tops the list of the most common fish caught this month. The marlin bite has been real slow so most of the boats are pounding the ono lane in order to have a successful trip. The mahi mahi are just now starting to show up on a regular basis so the mahi mahi are here late and the ono are here early.

More and more yellowfin tuna are showing up but we've actually had a steady supply of them all winter. In the summer we get "blind strike" yellowfin tuna in the 100+ lb. range and that is starting to happen already but in the winter, about the only place the big yellowfin can be found is in the porpoise schools. There are only a few boats in Kona that specialize in targeting the big ones all year long and their success comes by using a device called a green stick. I won't go into detail about the method but it has gained popularity in the last 10 years because it is so much more successful for catching yellowfin tuna in the porpoise schools than trolling conventional lures. Many boats have them installed on their boats now but only a few use them with regularity and success.

The bottom bite has been a little slower than normal but one of the most common fish we've been catching lately is giant trevally. These are one of the hardest fighting fish you'll ever catch and it's one of the most prized catches of the Pacific. Normally they are more of a winter fish but there's one area near the airport where they're hangin' out right now. There have also been sharks hangin' out in that same area. Either one makes for a great fight on stand-up tackle.

See 'ya on the water,
Capt. Jeff Rogers

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