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Capt. Jeff Rogers

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Kona's #1 sportfish catching captain every year since 1997!
" Simply your best shot at catching fish in Kona! "

There are over 100 charter fishing boats at Honokohau Harbor. How do you pick the right one? Cute boat name? Impressed by a web site that has pictures of a few big fish they've caught over the years?

The fact is that only a handful of boats in Kona go out fishing on a regular basis. Of these, an even smaller percentage have good catch records. Pick a boat that will catch you fish instead of just taking you on a boat ride.

Capt. Jeff Rogers has the records that proves he catches.

And I'll back it with a cash rebate offer!

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Look how many boats aren't out fishing

Tag flag, Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, Shark, Marlin, Ono and Yellowfin tuna fish flags
843 Black Marlin - 7 hour fight - June, 2000

Whether you're looking for that big trophy Marlin, some delicious fish to take home or just wanting to catch and release fish after fish after fish until your arms are too weak to haul in another, Capt. Jeff Rogers is the captain for you.

*  6 world records.
*  6 Hawaii state records.
*  Largest black Marlin in Hawaii this century. 843 lbs.
*  Largest striped Marlin in Hawaii for over a decade. 186 lbs.
*  Highest sportfish catch rate in Kona! No other captain even comes close.
186 striped marlin caught on stand-up tackle - Feb. 2002.

Always friendly and courteous service.
Capt. Jeff is a sportfishing guide that loves to fish!

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Capt. Jeff Rogers has led anglers to several IGFA world record and Hawaii state record catches. He is also the author of the Kona Hawaii fishing report that is updated monthly on over 50 fishing related web sites, the inventor of the Dog knot and a published author of many fishing stories, tackle tips and fishing techniques.